Volunteer Experience

Thank you to all our Volunteers.  We look forward to seeing you in 2021!




Your volunteer experience will allow you to work with other committed individuals in support of 60 promising golfers and our charity. In addition to that, volunteers will receive:

  • Volunteer package, including shirt plus hat for men and visor for women
  • Breakfast and Lunch will be available during shifts that you are working
  • Weekly Clubhouse Pass
  • Volunteer Appreciation Party held on Wednesday evening
  • Entry into Daily Admission Draws for days of tournament play
  • For those registering by June 30th, entry into our Early Bird Draw (to be conducted at the Volunteer Appreciation Party) for golf for 4 with cart at Highland Country Club, followed by dinner for 4 at Highland
  • If you register for 4 shifts you can come out and enjoy a day at Highland golfing. Members will receive a free guest pass. Date to be determined.

*** Volunteer Packages can be picked up on Wednesday September 11th prior to the volunteer party starting at 5:00pm or prior to your scheduled shift.

This page describes the various tournament committees, their function, and what is expected of volunteers who are considering registering for them. The Canada Life Championship would not happen without the 250-plus volunteers who are required to make this tournament a success. Volunteers are needed in a number of areas, and we appreciate the support provided by the people of London and surrounding area. The goal of the tournament is to raise money for charity and those in need. There is a small cost associated with volunteering to assist in covering the costs of volunteer golf shirts, hats, and daily food that all volunteers receive. Thank you so much for your time and valued support and we hope you enjoy this incredible experience!

Please note: after having read this document, if you are then proceeding to Volunteer Registration for the tournament, we suggest that you keep this open to aid you when selecting what committee you prefer.

In addition to the time requirements indicated below for each committee, note that volunteers will need to arrange to pick up their volunteer packages on Wednesday, September 11th at a time to be announced.

Volunteer Descriptions


Since caddies are paid, they are not technically volunteers. People interested in being caddies do NOT register here, but should call the Highland County Club Professional Shop at 519-681-8251.

Corporate Hospitality

Volunteers on the hospitality committee will work in corporate areas throughout the golf course. Volunteers will act as a concierge for the designated corporate areas, such as Skyboxes and Tents. Volunteers will be needed Monday afternoon, with the majority of volunteers being needed Thursday to Sunday.

Driving Distance Measurers

Volunteers will be provided with a handheld device on which they will record players’ length of drives on 2 specific holes. They will pace off the distance from pre-measured markers on the fairway before inputting the distances. Volunteers will be needed Thursday to Sunday.

Leaderboard Operators

The tournament will have several large display boards located throughout the course which will show the up-to-date status of the top players. Volunteers will be required to make use of a handheld device to access the current scores and post the leaders on their board. They must be able to walk to and from their assigned leaderboard. Volunteers will be needed Thursday to Sunday.


Golf knowledge is essential. This committee works on the course to assist PGA TOUR players and enforce golf etiquette among spectators to ensure play is not disturbed. Responsibilities also include the following: spot balls on the fairway, watch for errant shots and keep play proceeding smoothly.

Marshals should have the physical ability to work 6-hour shifts and walk to and from their hole assignments. Marshals can choose to work as many shifts as their schedule allows. Volunteers will be needed Thursday to Sunday.


This committee is responsible for course set-up and tear-down, roping and staking the course to prepare the course for the tournament. During the tournament, the committee is responsible for distributing bottled water to on-course stations, as well as waste collection. There is a lot of heavy lifting involved, so strength can be an asset to those considering volunteering for this committee.

Player Services

Volunteers assist in registering players for the championship, coordinating local activities, gathering material for information packages as well as handling general hospitality inquiries from players and their families. Volunteers are needed Monday morning, all day for both Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday morning.


Volunteers will serve as hosts during the Pro-Ams on Monday and Tuesday of tournament week. They will staff the amateur registration tables, assist with the draw party,and coordinate the Pro-Ams as needed. Volunteers will be needed on Monday afternoon, and Tuesday morning and afternoon.

Practice Facility

Volunteers will assist in the operation of the range to distribute practice balls, change nameplates and control access to the range, putting, and chipping greens. Volunteers will be needed Sunday, September 8th to Sunday, September 15th.

Scoring Central

Scoring Central is the brains of the scoring operation where all of the information from the devices used by Walking Scorers and Driving Distance Measurers is input, stored and analyzed. It is extremely important that Scoring Central volunteers have a strong golf and computer literacy, and that the same people volunteer for all 4 days. Volunteers will be needed Thursday to Sunday. Training is mandatory for Scoring Central volunteers.

Spectator Services

This committee is a dedicated group of customer service oriented volunteers who will be working very closely with the public in various capacities. The main duties include Admissions, where daily tickets are sold at the entrance to the course; Will Call (for players, etc. only), for the distribution of advance ticket purchases; Special Services, for spectators who require assistance on the grounds; and Pairings, which delivers information around the course. Volunteers will be needed Thursday to Sunday.

Standard Bearers

A Standard Bearer’s job is to show the gallery who is playing in the group and to display the players’ scores. Volunteers must be able to walk 18 holes while carrying the standard and have strong golf knowledge and etiquette. Standard Bearers will work closely with their partnered Walking Scorer to ensure displayed scores are current and accurate. Volunteers will be needed Thursday to Sunday.

Transportation & Parking

Volunteers will transport PGA TOUR professionals, caddies and tournament officials to and from airports, official hotels, private housing, and the golf club. They will also control the tournament parking facilities and transportation between them. Drivers must be 25 years of age, with a valid driver’s license and must complete the requested driver information on the volunteer application. The majority of volunteer shifts will be Monday to Sunday. Shifts may start as early as 5 a.m. and end as late as 1 a.m. A number of volunteers will be needed the Saturday and Sunday before the tournament, as well as the Monday following the tournament.

Volunteer Services

The committee is responsible for assisting with uniform packaging, uniform and credential distribution prior to the championship, and to staff the volunteer area during the tournament. The committee will also be responsible for ensuring all 1,500 volunteers have a positive Canada Life Championship experience. Volunteers will be needed on Sunday and Wednesday prior to the tournament, and Thursday to Sunday during the tournament.

Walking Scorer

Scorekeepers will keep statistics/scores on a handheld computer device. Volunteers will be needed Thursday to Sunday.

mandatory information session will be conducted on Wednesday before the tournament (volunteer packages will also be available that day). Please visit www.shotlink.com for additional information.

Refund Policy

All volunteer fees are non-refundable. Volunteer shirts are ordered at the time of registration, therefore if you need to cancel your request to volunteer, a full refund will not be issued. To contact us please email leo@highlandcountryclub.com.

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